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Creating a Pet-Friendly Home

Can't live without your furry friends? Consider these 4 quick tips that will not only help pet-proof your new space, but also make them feel happy and safe. 🐶🐱🐰 #petfriendly #furnituresg

Consider these 4 tips to help pet-proof your new space.

  1. Easy-clean surfaces

  2. Pet-friendly Upholstery

  3. Proper space planning

  4. Furniture considerations

#1 Easy-clean Surfaces

For easier maintenance in the long-term, pick surfaces that are easy to wipe down and clean.

For example, choose a paint that has a slightly glossy finish for your walls which makes it easier to clean than matte surfaces. Try to avoid textured wallpapers - we know our furry friends love to scratch.

#2 Pet-friendly Upholstery

For upholstered items like your sofa, avoid materials that attract pet hair and those that can be scratched or stained easily. You can pick leather since they tend to repel fur, but avoid leather that’s too smooth as it can be easily scratched.

Otherwise, go for our Pet-Friendly Fabric that’s scratch-resistant & designed for easy hair removal.

#3 Proper Space Planning

Nobody likes to feel caged up. Try to plan enough room for your pets to roam around freely.

If you live in a small space and you’re not sure how maximise the layout, our FIF designers can help you with space planning. Feel free to drop us a DM to find out more.

#4 Other Furniture Considerations

Keep the environment safe by avoiding glass furniture or low-lying furniture with sharp edges.

Opt for metal legs instead of wooden ones for better durability as wood is easier to chew down.

For smaller pieces of furniture like coffee tables, make sure they are sturdy enough so that they are not easily toppled over.


Pet-friendly fabrics & Free space-planning available @ FIF Studio: 315 Outram Rd #04-09 S'169074

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