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See it, before you buy it.

Not knowing how your home will turn out can feel pretty scary. That's why we give you a realistic 3D visualisation to help you see how the furniture you pick will look before you make any purchase. 


With us, you can buy furniture with confidence.

#1 Pick Products

Shortlist the products you like.


For instance, you're shopping for your living room and you like the Dayton Sofa, Mateo Lounge Chair and Brooks Coffee Table.


#2 Interior Replication

Now, tell us what your living room looks like so our designers can build a setting that replicates the look. You can also send your floor plan to use the exact layout.


For example, your living space has white walls and light wood floor.


#3 Realistic Render

We'll style the furniture you picked are incorporate it into the setting. Then, we'll show you a realistic 3D visualisation so you can see how everything looks together.


You can also visualise the furniture in different colour combination or try out other furniture pieces until you're 100% happy with what you see.


Leave no room for doubt.

We make sure you know how it will look before you make any purchase. No need to worry about buying the wrong colour or size when you get to see how everything will look .


At FIF, you buy furniture with confidence.


Book a FREE design visualisation session today.

Don't worry, you don't have to commit to anything!

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